GSV Legal Services For Startups & Business Formations

We provide our assistance in the following areas as well-
• Advising Start-Ups and emerging business in the light of FEMA, 1999
• Consultancy in Companies Act, 2013 relating to Board Meeting, Annual general meetings and other such requirements
• Advising MSMEs pertaining to MSME Act, 2006 concerning the rules and regulations.
• Advising Start-ups on optimum entity selection for their business and incorporation of their start-ups.
• Corporate Advisory for seed and growth-stage companies including business contracts and related ventures.
• Drafting of Documents and Negotiation with investors for funding relating to seed, venture debt/capital, mid to late stage funding.

We provide following services in specific domains
• Franchise Agreements
• Advertising and marketing agreements
• Reseller and Distribution Agreement
• Vendor/supply agreements
• Nondisclosure, consulting, professional services agreements
• Third party development/ licensing agreement
• Hybrid equity-linked agreements for services related to equity, ad-for-equity deals
• Framing equity based executive compensation/incentive mechanism for founders.
• Share Holder Agreement

We provide registration and Trademark of Star-ups and Business in various fields-
• Registration of Companies Under Companies Act, 2013
• Registration of firms under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
• Registration of Micro, Small and Medium business in MSME Act, 2006
• Registration of Shops/commercial establishment/sole proprietorship firms under Shop and stablishment Act, 1953
• Registration of Partnership Firms under Partnership Act, 1932

For Trademark the Firm works to provide-
• Searching and Rendering opinion on availability and Registrability
• Advising on strategies for Trademark protection
• Preparing and prosecuting Trademark applications
• Support and strategy in Trade Mark
• Drafting and Serving Cease and Desist Notices
• Advising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising

The Firm provides compliance in different areas, which prove fruitful for the start-up and other emerging enterprises-
• Compliance in labour laws i.e The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)Act, 1970, The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
• Compliance under Companies Act, 2013 relating to Board Meeting, Annual general meetings and other such requirements
• Compliance to FEMA, 1999
• Compliance with regard to stamp duty and other taxation issues

The Firm assists Start-ups and emerging business organisation in dealing with investors both domestic and Foreign pertaining to funds relating to seed, venture debt/capital, mid to late stage funding as per the requirement.
The Firm also negotiates on behalf of Start-ups and Organisation in dealing with vendors, suppliers and agents as per the requirement.

The Firm works to provide -
• Investment structuring into and transaction documentation for businesses involved in B2B, B2C (single brand/multi brand) and other e-commerce platforms (marketplace/ inventory led/aggregator).
Pertaining to Technological transactions, the Firm also deals in-
• Advise on compliance with Information Technology (IT) laws (including data privacy, data collection/processing/transmission).
• Framing, negotiation and documentation of arrangements to acquire, develop, protect and distribute technologies including in connection with:
o Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) contracts (including marketing automation, payment automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud computing).
o Internet and e-commerce.
o Marketing, promotion and merchandising agreements.

The Firm provides assistance and legal advisory in the following areas-
• Structuring and negotiating investment related transactions including mergers, acquisitions, stake sales, follow-on investments (primary and secondary), co-investments and investor exits.
• End-to-end transaction management for VC and PE investments in India by domestic and foreign investment funds.
• Portfolio-wide legal advisory services funds investing in India including advice on all regulatory and corporate governance matters faced in the life-cycle of an investment.