Practice Areas

The Firm has been advising clients on international and domestic mergers and demergers, share swaps, stock and asset purchases, mergers (amalgamations) through court schemes, joint ventures, restructuring and spin-offs.
The Firm handles a full range of M&A transactions including:
(i) Mergers & Amalgamations;
(ii) Schemes of Arrangement, Reconstructions and Demergers;
(iii) Acquisitions & Divestments - of shares, assets and businesses (private, public and listed entities);
(iv) Preparing schemes of rehabilitation and financial package and processing the same;
(v) Acquisition through court proceedings and in liquidation;
(vi) leveraged Buy-outs; (vii) Distressed Transactions;
(vii) Restructuring (for listed & unlisted entities), including Capital & Debt restructuring, buy-back of securities & reduction of capital.

An effective and fast insolvency/bankruptcy procedure will allow businesses to be sold/wound down while there is value remaining in the business, allowing for maximized recovery and better redressal of interests of various parties involved.
Thus, keeping in mind the aforementioned objective the Firm acts for local and international clients in debt recovery, restructuring and insolvency matters.
Sound and effective insolvency resolution advice involves integration of experience and knowledge and our robust litigation and banking practice enables us to cater to the needs of corporate creditors, banks and agencies lending funds, investors including financial investors and corporate debtors on debt restructuring, rescheduling and formal insolvency procedures

The Firm offers multitude of services in the area of Banking and finance by supporting the clients in reviewing and drafting legal documents concerning all kinds of financial arrangements.
We have advised borrowers, lenders and security providers only through its in depth knowledge in this segment.
The Firm works with various banks in addition to other financial institutions, real estate investors and corporate borrowers.
Our Work Includes
• Strategic acquisition in and minority investments in private sector banks
• Transactions involving export credit agencies and multilateral agencies
• Representing lenders and borrowers on projects related to structured finance and project finance.
• Drafting and vetting of all loan documents

We offer practical and effective advice covering all kinds of corporate and commercial matters, and support most aspects of what a business requires through its life-cycle. We advise various corporate houses on undertaking business activities in India, including regulatory, compliance and corporate governance aspects.
We also advise on day-to-day legal issues concerning commercial & business affairs on legal structuring of commercial arrangement, corporate legal affairs, corporate transactional matters, commercial contracts and documentation.
The firm has assisted several non-profit companies, trusts and societies to meet specific client requirement to do business and set up its entities.
We work to provide-
Incorporation Services-
• Incorporation of Private Companies,
• companies limited by shares,
• LLP,
• Not for Profit companies and public companies.
License and Registration Services-
• Procuring Permanent Account Number
• Shops and Establishment, etc.
Company Liquidation Services
We provide services in closure of the Legal entities
• Winding up of Company
• Strike off

The Firm provides complete representational as well as advisory services to our clients. We represent clients in corporate, commercial, constitutional and other general litigations before various Courts, Tribunals and Commissions across the country.
We bring in a deep understanding of our clients' businesses as well as a pragmatic and commercial perspective to dispute resolution.
The Firm is proficient in handling complex matters including :
• Company law matters
• Commercial and Infrastructure contracts
• Shareholder rights
• Dispute relating to joint ventures
• Real Estate Transactions

The Firm assists the client in obtaining registration and renewal in prescribed categories for Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.
In addition to that, the Firm provides clients with practical, innovative and custom made solutions.
Thus, thereby providing a holistic advice with inculcates the complexities of the industry and business set up within which our client functions.
The Firm advises on:
• IP Advisory
• IP Litigation and Dispute resolution
• Transactional IP
• IP Commercialization
• IP Valuation Support
• Anti- Counterfeiting actions

The Firm assists lenders, investors and real estate developers on all aspect of transaction. We advise landowners, developers and entities with respect to purchase/lease (commercial, industrial and/or residential) arrangements.
The Firm is also equipped to provide solutions with Government of India’s sector specific policies regulating this sector.
We work to provide-
• Conveyance/sale
• Commercial Leases and Licenses
• Property Management and Maintenance Agreements
• Due Diligence

The Firm provides services in all laws and regulations related to labour law and employment. It deals with industrial relations including enactments such as Industrial disputes Act, 1947, Trades Union Act, 1926, Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and many such other acts dealing with wages and employment.
In addition to it, the Firm advises clients on labour law compliance and social welfare legislations as well.
The firm is involved in-
• Compliance with employment and Labour laws
• Drafting of documents such as Letter of Offer, Employment, Agreements
• Formulating employee compensation/HR policies
• Formulating and drafting of Employee Stock option plans

The advocates are proficient in dealing with private clients and assisting in the drafting of wills, probate applications and estate planning.
The aim is to provide our clients with tailor made, effective, high quality service with personal involvement.
Our advocates are well versed with multi-jurisdictional issues that are likely to arise in case of high net worth individuals and have the required experience to advise on complicated issues of residency and domicile.

The Firm is skilled in dealing with consumer matters and has represented many clients in District, State and National Forums. The vision is to provide the clients speedy remedy, so that the damage already done can be rectified without much delay.
The advocates are apt with the nitty-gritties of the law and have successfully protected the rights of the clients.

The firm represents and aids many companies and individuals pertaining to civil and commercial litigation.
We possess a network of civil litigation advocates across the country, thereby the clients do not have to face the difficulty to engage local lawyers.
Our services include-

  • Recovery Suits
  • Transfer petitions
  • Suit for specific performance
  • Service matters
  • Summons
  • Property Disputes
  • Partition Suits
  • Trust
  • Legal Notices

The firm advises the clients in regulatory, policy and compliance matters. We have advised clients across India such as telecom operators, service providers, cable and satellite network operators.
We also assist in purchasing telecom business to the segregation and sale of the telecom business.
Our services include-
• Regulatory issues, including obtaining the approvals and permits that may be needed to undertake new work,
• Structuring tax and regulatory advise.
• Litigation for TMT clients.

The Firm has assisted clients on all sides of Project and Transaction, thus enabling the firm to provide a broader perspective. We work to advise across different facets of the project such as risk analysis, bid process, EPC Contracts.
The firm has been involved in construction projects related to Roads, Highways and Expressways.
Our work include-
• Advising on rendering and procurement.
• Due diligence, risk analysis and mitigation
• Advising on raising of sponsor and refinancing of assets.
• Advising on merger and acquisition.

The Firm advises the clients on environment laws, rules and regulations. In addition to that the firm also assists the clients on governmental incentives that can be availed including grants and land use provisions.
We assist the clients with compliance strategy when it comes to obtaining or renewing environmental permits relating to the use and management of water, air, forests, chemical substances, hazardous waste, e-waste, biomedical waste, construction and demolition waste.
The firm assists the clients with interaction to State Pollution Control Boards ( SPCBs) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Central Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.

The Firm provides legal services to its client to protect from cyber crimes and thus providing an efficient remedy. The firm has also assisted clients with software protection, domain names dispute resolution, credit card frauds etc.
We provide various services-
• Security procedure for electronic records and signatures
• Electronic contracts
• Proceedings before certifying authorities
• Drafting agreements such as shrink wrap agreements, click wrap agreements, etc.
• Represent IT companies in Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court in disputes relating to contracts and domain names.